Lisa Berg • Recording WHITE at Real World Studios

Doku | 2015 | Großbritannien | Skript, Regie, Kamera, Licht, Ton | Schnitt mit Luise Bundschuh

In 2014 luxembourgish cellist Lisa Berg invited me to make a documentary on the recording of her first album. We travelled to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Box, UK. The one week schedule was densely packed, but we managed to find some moments for interviews. The evenings of course, we dedicated to exploring the cosy pubs nearby. It was my first experience in a professional recording environment and what fascinated me then was the realization that there were different qualities of silence, different grades of silence. I was permitted to film during the actual recording sessions and it was then that I found myself trying to be part of the silence the small space emitted. Standing or kneeling with camera in hand, not daring to breath, made hearing the full sounds, vibrations and echos Lisa’s playing produced all the more intense. Producing the short documentary, Lisa gave me all the trust and freedom to tell the story of her album recording the way I believed to be appropriate. So, while peeking into the recording process, the listener doesn’t only discover the sounds but hopefully also the silences in between.
The album was very well received upon release and shot straight up to the top of the national charts. You can find it on iTunes.