Imagefilm: OPL & Luxtram

Imagefilm | 2018 | Luxembourg | Skript, Regie, DOP & Postproduktion

This production proves two things:

  1. Music literally has the power to move people.
  2. Tram drivers can conduct trams and orchestras simultaneously…

Fun facts aside, here’s how we created the film. We shot the entire production on two cold and rainy days in March 2018. Most classical instruments are extremely susceptible to temperature changes, so we had to find a way to heat up the tram before unpacking the instruments.

4 hours of additional electric heating got us our desired working temperature.

At the time of production, the tram line literally only had 8 stops. Luxtram supplied our production team with one tram, which we then rode about 20 times up and down the Kirchberg plateau.

Here Luxtram’s Carlo Haentzen and I discuss and radio transmit our departure time to headquarters.

Due to the tight schedule of 3 hours with musicians, two cameras were essential to creating enough footage.

Wonderfully talented Elisa Pietrangelo shooting B-roll.

Only one week after publishing the video, I’m very happy to see the success the video has already had in Luxembourg. Photos 2–4 (from top) by Henri Georgen / Luxtram 2018