Art film with Viki Gomez

2016 | Luxemburg | Skript & Sounddesign mit Viki Gomez | Regie, Kamera, Schnitt

BMX Flatland has always been subject to a simple question: Is it (just a) sport or (could it be) art? As with most things in life, people enjoy getting clear answers–knowing something for sure. Viki Gomez and I made this video, because we believe there can be beauty in not knowing.

While editing the video it was clear we needed an original sound design. We sat on Viki’s living room floor and started playing around with a sound recorder, BMX spare parts and ball bearings. At one point Viki spun a wheel on the oak parquet. The whole room started resonating. That’s what made the deep rumbling sound you can hear in the background. My collection of toy keyboards added some ambient notes.